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Our Story

In the summer of 2022, a group of passionate festival-goers were devastated when their annual psychedelic art and music gathering was cancelled just three weeks before its scheduled start. Despite the setback, these individuals were determined not to give up on their dreams of coming together in celebration.

They united and created their own festival, one that would embody the same spirit of community and connection that they had come to love. They called it Psylân.

Within three weeks, they managed to organise five days of psychedelic music in and around the original festival location. Many international visitors came together to enjoy the festival's offerings, which included a festival tent, silent disco, campfire, psychedelic forest, food trucks, and much more.

The success of Psylân 2022 gave the community hope, and the organisers are now even more determined to build on that success and create an even better experience for the upcoming 2023 edition. They have secured a beautiful new camping location and started their journey.


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